June 16, 2010

(semi) wordless wednesday

(because (a) i am currently suffering writer's block, (b) i think this blog needs more pictures, and (c) what the hell.) (i do realize i just broke wordless wednesday's unspoken rule, but that's what i do, people--i'm a rebel! a renegade! a blogger without a cause!)

with unfortunate bangs

with unfortunate bangs swept to the side (where they shall remain until they are back to normal) (ie, no longer bangs...i'm in the process of slowly murdering my bangs).

And the moral to this edition of (semi) wordless wednesday is: bangs only work on certain faces and in the 70's everybody. 

Here's a much cuter wordless wednesday picture, with hair poofs instead of bangs (hair poofs would be most unfortunate on me as well):

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