July 2, 2010

one whole day, wasted.

Today, I...

**spent 7 hours on wordpress.com creating a new blog for this blog to relocate to. I switched themes there about 100 times. I spent 4 hours readjusting colors and graphics. I spent at least 2 hours re-scaling my new graphic image for my blog to fit their themes. I was unsatisfied with all results.

**Then I spent about 2 hours attempting to figure out how to delete the 3 blogs I'd created on wordpress, two of which were created in an effort to delete the first one I was unsatisfied with but then I couldn't figure out how to delete those extra 2 blogs. Really, after hour 3, I think it all just turned into one big cluster&%$K.

**In between, I read Huffingtonpost.com. I read Kate Gosselin's thoughts about plastic surgery in the Entertainment Section. I learned 5 healthy eating tips from ancient Chinese medicine in the Living Section. And then I went to the Politics section (which I generally try to avoid on Huffingtonpost.com, because that's where all the trolls hang out, and I find trolls extremely disastrous to my general mental health). But against my better judgment, I went there. And I read about how John Linder (who does a really crappy job representing me and my interests), Rand Paul, and this crazy whippersnapper who's all the rage with the far right over in Nevada, Sharron Angle, think people who are unemployed/laid off/etc., just really asked for it and are being encouraged to stay unemployed by collecting unemployment.

**Then I shared a personal family story about my own family's experiences with unemployment/lay offs, and why Rand Paul, John Linder, Sharron Angle, and their friends are actually showing how out of touch and cruel they are, and somebody calling himself "Native Son" told me I was out of touch, and that my family and our story are good examples of what's wrong with America today.

**So I called "Native Son" an a-hole. And then I remembered I'm a child of God and so is Native Son, and really, what is Native Son besides a child of God who's also a coward hiding behind an online persona that's not even a tiny bit original spewing his own negative emotional garbage into the ethos? And so I apologized to Native Son for calling him an a-hole, and told him that I'd take his silence or whatever immature response he offered me as his apology to me for being callous and rude to my family.

**And then I went back to wordpress.com and spent another 45 minutes trying to figure out how to delete their stupid blogs.

**At 45.6 minutes, I figured it out and all traces of my foray into wordpress has been erased.

**After all that, I came back here and just decided to stay at blogger.com. So I re-designed my blog. And I'm still not happy with the color choice, but I figure I've got all day Monday to waste again.

**After I post this, I'm going to pick up Melissa, who probably got to sing some songs and read some books and dance around, and maybe even bit somebody's arm again and pointed her finger indignantly at a teacher or three. SO much more productive.

To summarize: I need fresh air.


  1. I liked your photo in that other wp blog.

    I tried wp about 18 mos ago and hated it. None of my links migrated over and I wasn't thrilled w/ the layout, and I just gave up. I think it took me about 7 hours to do that.

    I like this space. I'm going to spend some time redesigning mine too... maybe I'll even post something.

    You are very kind to be apologizing to trolls. xo

  2. Thanks, Erin. Yes, I've decided I'm not a fan of wordpress. I don't know what got into me. I blame the rain. It was raining all morning here. Curse you, rain!

    In addition to the entire morning/afternoon I wasted, as you can see I continued to waste my evening and night as well as I kept restructuring this place. I think I'm about done. Until the next rainy day hits.

    I would be too, too happy if you posted something. I would leave a really long comment in your comment section if you did.

    I don't know why I apologize to trolls. Or vicious right wing fanatics for that matter. I think I'm either trying to show them up by being the bigger person or I clearly need much more therapy to develop my assertiveness skills. (I actually think it's both.)


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