June 29, 2011

I've moved. Yet again.

I know. I know it's probably supremely annoying to find a link in one blog and then have to follow it to another. Only to be told no, no. Go here now. It's like a labyrinth, only less amusing and no treasure or peace at the end. If you're okay with no treasure and no peace, then you can now find me HERE.

I think I'm done switching locations. Plus, I'm tired of packing and unpacking; it's just exhausting and my good china keeps disappearing. The life of the nomad would not be for me.

January 21, 2011

i've moved.

i have no idea why i've moved, except that i just felt like it. here is where i am now:

sweet little crosspatch

October 27, 2010

I'm going to run like crazy and leave cows alone.

More postings are up at COFFEE
Tanya is going to work on her rigid self controlled self and possibly jump out of an airplane (or take dance lessons) (or, hey Tanya, how about taking dance lessons WHILE jumping out of an airplane? That WOULD be a scary challenge).

And I am going to become a Food Network star (in my head) and eat more vegetables. And run a mile. Like a walrus. Hooray!

October 24, 2010

COFFEE's on!

We've begun posting all about our individual projects. Patresa, who will be working on unleashing her inner Alanis Morissette, has published her first article about the why's and how's behind her project. You can read about that by clicking HERE.

And go make your own project! Get yourself some COFFEE! Leave a comment letting everyone know you'd like to get jiggy with your bad self, and we'll link up to your blog/project in our Community Links area, and check on you frequently, and offer to kick your butt if it looks like you need some of that. Or cream. If you like your COFFEE less intense, with some cream, we can send some of that your way as well.

The COFFEE project. It's not for wimps.

October 10, 2010

Where you can find me (if you think you may want to look).

My last post here was 2 months ago. I had deep suspicions, when I set this thing up, that would probably happen. I think I even tried to warn any new visitors stopping by that might happen, in fact. I'm the blogging version of the guy who says he'll call and then never does.

What's been up with me?

Well, last night I had a dream in which I moved to Savannah, GA. I immediately became romantically involved with the troll who lives under the bridge, and after a mere 2 weeks of dating, he dumped me for another troll who got all snotty about it and called me up going "I'm dating the troll now! I'm dating the troll now!". When I confronted the troll, crying, and asked, "But can we still be friends?" he said he wasn't sure. I worked as a dishwasher/busboy at a restaurant and lived in squalor. I had a greasy landlord who refused to fix my toilet which was leaking sewage everywhere, and my stove and refrigerator were both located in my sewage-filled bathroom. He refused to come fix my toilet until I told him I was calling 9-1-1. All I kept thinking throughout my dream was: How can I convince HGTV to do a makeover on this squalid apartment?

So other than dealing with bizarre dreams like last night's, I have no excuse for my absence except to say: once a new school year starts, I barely have time to take a shower each day. Once my (almost 2, she's almost 2!) girl gets more independent (currently, she's leaning against me, begging me to put on Dora....no, change it to Diego....no, I want Kai-lan!) I have high hopes for this to be rectified in more satisfying ways. (I could write during her 2 hour naps but, quite frankly, when she's napping, so am I.)

Anyway, I am still around. In fact, in a couple of more weeks, I'll be around much more frequently. And so if you'd like to read (more updated and hopefully less weird) updates from me, I'll be working on an exciting new collaborative blog project called COFFEE. Go HERE to find out more about it (postings will begin toward the end of October, around the 20th. I'll post a notice here when the first person writes her first post (mine will be up on the 27th).
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